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Free SMS Paging

Page any SMS enabled phone* from
your computer, tablet or smartphone.
* U.S. & Canada numbers

Pagem Free SMS Paging
Organize your people into households, guardians and children, move people between households, add notes/allergies to children.
SMS On/Off
Enable/Disable paging for each guardian. You know, so grandma only gets paged when she’s in town.
Custom Messages
Define a default message template, while maintaining customization of each page message.
Custom Messages
Multiple Users
Create unlimited users with varying permissions: Decide which users access to Settings, Editing People or View/Page Only.
Multiple Users
Your data stays in sync across all of your devices in realtime - because page refreshes are so 2008.
Your data is protected by leading technologies including SSL 256-bit encryption.

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Is Page'm really FREE?
Yes, Page'm is 100% free with no limits on usage.

What's up with the name?
Page'm is a contraction of "Page Them" pronounced "Page Em".

Will you be adding new features?
Probably not (apart from fixing bugs or usability issues). Page'm merely aims to be a replacement for hardware-based paging systems.

Can Page'm be used as a CHMS or Check-In System?
Even though Page'm has a database, it does not provide any check-in or reporting functionality. If you are in the market for a Check-In system, you might consider our parent product: Kidddo.

Will you be adding SMS support for countries outside of U.S./Canada?
No, but our parent product Kidddo supports international SMS messaging.

Can I create custom data fields or add photos?
No, but our parent product Kidddo supports custom people and household fields as well as photos.

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